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Our real estate lawyers provide skillful representation in complex real estate transactions across the United Arab Emirates, the team has had the extensive experience representing major UAE developers as in-house lawyers. We focus on correctly assessing all legal and business aspects of a transaction to provide comprehensive, high-quality representation to our clients at all times.

Our real estate team advises businesses and individuals involved in real estate disputes as well as real estate potential investment. Our clients include developers and investors. We collaborate with our clients to strategize, negotiate, and implement workouts.

Mr. El Sayed Abdalla

Senior Partner

Finance & Audit Expert

Senior Consultant

Managing Partner

Meet The Team

Mr. Mohamed

Mr.Emad Mohammed

Ms. Shirley Quattrocchi

Smiling Businessman
Portrait of Businessman

Our Managing Partner Mr. Sayed is holding a Bachelor of Law “LLB” from the Alexandria University- Egypt.

Our Senior Partner Mr. Mohamed is holding a Bachelor of Law “LLB” from Alexandria University- Egypt.

Our Expert Mr. Emad is holding a Bachelor of Commerce “BA” from the Alexandria University- Egypt.

Italian legal consultant, jurist, specialist in the management of human resources , corporate transactions and various business functions.


Our Core Values

  • Real estate, Lease & the Commercial transactions are at the top of the pyramid of the current economic situation in UAE. Given that the business acceleration, the daily changes, the different rhythm and the investors’ challenges we focus and concerned with all professional values ​​that achieve the best interest of clients.

  • We ensure that our clients understand the full status, which enables them to take the right decisions. We believe in Integrity and transparency

  • We are committed to protect the interest of the client at affordable rates.

  • To deal with all sort of legal issues by maximizing utilization of our knowledge, experience, and skills so that we can conclude the most critical problems in minimum possible time with amicable ways if possible and judicial ways when necessary.

  • Achieving the aspirations and interests of our clients, meeting all their requirements and needs.

  • To provide special services living up to the best global practices and achieving client’s satisfaction.

  • High standard services to meet the client’s objective and becoming a role model in achieving the results with high quality professionalism.









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