Other Legal Activities:

General Counselling & advising.

Dispute Resolution Management by provides strategic dispute analysis and practical advice on realistic assessments of the outcomes and potential risks & costs.

Advising on the legal approach and process for all types of litigation cases including but not limited to Real Estate, Commercial & Civil, labor, bankruptcy, insolvency and intellectual property cases.

Preparation of legal documents required for forming companies ie; reservation of trade names, articles of incorporation & partnership agreements.

Drafting and review of SPA’s, lease agreements, transfer of property, mortgage, consolidation agreements, finance, property management, facility management, settlement agreements, brokerage, LOA’s, Service, Supply, distribution, license Agreements…etc. 


Management Consultancy Activities:

Marketing, public relations & communication consultancy.

Design of accounting methods or procedures.

Cost accounting programmes.

Budgetary control procedures.

Advice and help to businesses and public services in planning, organization, efficiency and control, management information, etc.

Strategy advisory services.

Digital content management.

Logistics consultancy.

Public relation services.


Business Support Service Activities:

Collection of payments for claims and remittance of payments collected to the clients, such as bill or debt collection services.

Compiling of information, such as credit and employment histories on individuals and credit histories on businesses and providing the information to financial institutions, retailers and others who have a need to evaluate the creditworthiness of these persons and businesses providing verbatim reporting and stenotype recording of live legal proceedings and transcribing subsequent recorded materials.

Address bar coding services.

Bar code imprinting services.

Fundraising organization services on a contract or fee basis.

Mail presorting services.

Repossession services.

Other support activities typically provided to businesses not elsewhere classified.

Accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities; tax consultancy activities which includes :


Recording of commercial transactionsfrom business or others.

Preparations or auditing for financial accounts.

Examination of accounts and certification of their accuracy.

Preparation of personal and business income tax returns.

Advisory activities and representationon behalf of clients before tax authorities.